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Yearning - Watercolour Original Painting

Yearning - Watercolour Original Painting

$300.00 Regular Price
$225.00Sale Price
GST Included

An original painting from the artists personal collection.

It deals with themes from her everyday life dealing with an invisible illness and the healing that she seeks in nature.

Sold framed and ready to hang.


"There’s no light in her eyes, life is veiled behind whips of pain.

Tears shed as leaves from a tree

She floats between worlds,

One with lightning strikes, the other a natural world she longs to be lost in.

Yet there is hope, a slight smile, a tilt to the lips

Through a small gap in her world she watches

As the clouds pollute the blue sky threatening thunder

If she can reach a little further, wait until tomorrow

maybe the world will surround her again.

So much can change with the sunrise."

By Vanda Cummins


Framed and ready to hang.

Archival quality watercolours on thick 300GSM smooth paper

Framed dimensions 435 mm x 335 mm
Registered postage within Australia, for overseas postage please contact me directly.


Was on show at Surreal Group Exhibition by Melbourne & Victorian Artists Inc:

Those moments of yearning, the need to be outside, enveloped by nature, cool water lapping ankles and wind rushing through hair. The want to feel part of something bigger, something outside of self, somewhere hidden from pain.



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