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Nature's Rhythms - Hand Printed Original Lino Cut

Nature's Rhythms - Hand Printed Original Lino Cut

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'Nature's Rhythms' is a visual tribute to the natural symphony of migration and a reminder of the awe-inspiring resilience of the Red-Necked Stints.

This lino print, carved for the last day of #LokiLovesInktober2023,  celebrates these amazing birds. Showcasing the stints in graceful motion, their wings forming an elegant choreography in the sky.


Did you know that these small birds cover astonishing distances during their journey? Flying from the Arctic tundra to their wintering grounds in the Southern Hemisphere, they travel 25,000 kilometers, guided by an innate compass.


These stints play in the delicate balance of ecosystems, as key indicators of environmental health, they connect continents and habitats, highlighting the interconnectedness of our world.


I have created these prints by hand carving a piece of lino, rolling ink onto the lino and hand printing the print onto the paper. 


Archival Lino ink on beautifully luxurious 200GSM paper

Dimensions & Framing: 20cm (w) x 25cm (H) 


Donated by Artist Vanda Cummins -Loki Loves


Thank you for your purchase and supporting Remember The Wild.

50% of profits from this sale will be donated to Remember The Wild


Delivery: I will contact you directly to confirm delivery.

**This artwork is printed to order, please allow 14 -21 days for printing and shipping.  If you need it sooner please see my other listing to buy a print.

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