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Nature Reserve

Wild Art; It’s a Shore Thing!

A percentage from all purchases on this page will be donated to

Remember The Wild.

10% from any other artworks of prints on this website will also be donated.

Remember The Wild is Australia’s foremost nature connection charity
Our mission is to connect people with nature and lead a positive shift in the way Australian's value the natural world, for the benefit of both people and nature.

We inspire people to embrace
nature in their lives, and we make it accessible to them, be it far from home or in our own backyards, outdoors, indoors, online or on the mind.

We do this using scientific principles of narrative storytelling, ecopsychology and
behaviour change, paired with novel and immersive media, to meet people where they are.

Wild Nature
You can help us inspire more people to act
for nature

Our projects range from the visual arts (like #LokiLovesInktober) to events and festivals, immersive cinematographypodcastsvirtual reality and social media and into research and on-ground conservation, working with community and scientific organisations to protect our environment and empower people to become custodians for their local nature.

We rely on donations from people like you, to reconnect people with nature through creative and immersive storytelling. Research shows that such storytelling is a powerful, evidence-based way to cultivate shared values and behaviours around environmental conservation in the community by growing people’s appreciation of the natural world around them.

Our relationship with nature has never been more important. It is home. 

By donating you can help awaken Australia's love for nature.

You might even consider joining our ecosystem. Find out how you can become a Friend of The Wild here!


Find out more at (start with Finding Your Nature) and follow us on InstagramFacebookTik Tok, LinkedIn and Twitter!

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