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Tread Carefully - Fine Art Original

Tread Carefully - Fine Art Original

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Shorebirds lay their eggs to seamlessly blend them into their surroundings to elude the watchful gaze of predators. These eggs, akin to concealed treasures, hold the key to the survival of shorebird species.


Shorebird eggs, along with their chicks and nests, master the art of camouflage. Their eggshells mimic the colors and patterns of local plants, fallen leaves, or lichen. Even the chicks display cryptic patterns and remain still when danger approaches.


But tread carefully! Check for signs warning of nesting birds at beaches and wetlands, as these eggs are not easy to spot.


Archival Watercolour on Arches 300GSM Paper

Dimensions & Framing: Made to fit a standard 20cm (w) x 25cm (H) with a window of 13cm (W)x 18cm (h) Mat - Mat supplied


By Artist Vanda Cummins -Loki Loves created for #LokiLovesInktober2023


Thank you for your purchase and supporting Remember The Wild.


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