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Turtle's rock

Turtle's rock

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Turtle's rock


Original watercolour painting on 300GSM artist paper, with gold ink highlights.


Due to successful projects by amazing organisations like @fame_species , we now know quite a lot about the Mary River turtle!Like they are pretty immature 😁 taking females 25 years, and males 30 years, to become adults.


At full size males can be 7kg and 45cm long.In the 1960 - 70s, the Mary River turtle was popular as a pet in Australia, with about 10,000 sent to shops every year during a 10-year period. They were originally known as the “penny turtle”or “pet shop turtle”. This is thought to have contributed to a decline in the species by taking out generations.Although these turtles were known to inhabit the Mary River for nearly 30 years, it was not until 1994 that they were recognised as a new species.Threats include habitat destruction, predation of hatchlings by red foxes, birds of prey, wild dogs, goannas and fish, especially as hatchlings. Often caught by fishermen, tangled in fishing line or caught on hooks.


It is so important to keep our waterways clean and clear, ensuring the survival of our aquatic life!


20% of Sale will be donated to FAME


Thank you so much for your support

Part of #LokiLovesInktober 2022

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